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Finance a new Furnace or Tankless Hot Water Heater for as low as $60/mo!

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Standard Maintenance

Furnace Tune-up

$120 +HST

Book ahead for next year at a special $99 rate!

Single 12 Point Inspection Before Heating Season including:

New Filter installed (1x16x25)

Silicone tubing and seals inspected for cracks 

Full Testing of All Electrical Components, Blower & Venter Fan Motor, Circuit Board and Safety Valves

Burner & Flame Sensor Rod Cleaning

Condensate Line & Trap Cleaning

Full Vacuuming of Furnace & Filter Box

10% Discount on any Emergency Repairs 

Premium Mainte​nance

Furnace - $230 +HST 

Air Conditioner - $130 + HST

Both - $320 +HST    ($40 Savings!)

Three 16 Point Preventative Maintenance Inspections per Year 

New Filter Installed 4 times yearly (1x16x25)

Yearly Free Minor Component Replacement

 (ie: silicone tubing, safety valves, igniter, flame sensing rod)

Full Clean of external A/C coil & pressure check; balance refrigerant gas up to 1lb

10% Discount on any Emergency Repairs and Guaranteed Same-Day  24/7 Service 


First Visit & Diagnosis 

Regular Hours - $160

Emergency / After Hours - $180

 First Visit & Diagnosis

 includes all repairs completed within the first hour that do not require parts.  

If repairs require more time/parts we will provide a detailed quote for the homeowner including all parts and labour costs before beginning work. 

Regular labour rate- $100/hr (Mon-Fri 9-5)

Emergency / After Hours labour rate - $120/hr

We will work with you to determine if Warranty Coverage from manufacturer will cover parts cost.

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Let our team of qualified Gas Technicians install your gas appliances knowing that we will tailor each installation to your needs and budget.  We complete all Warranty Registration paperwork on your behalf with the manufacturer ensuring you have the full coverage offered.  We provide a variety of services from simple replacements to full home HVAC blueprints and planning.  Schedule an appointment today and one of our technicians will provide you with a detailed total cost quote.  Our installations come with a one year workmanship warranty.

Smart Home/Programmable Thermostats

Control the temperature of your home and even individual rooms from your phone, tablet or desktop using a Smart Home Thermostat integrated into a smart home system or app connection.  You can set up heating and cooling schedules ensuring comfort when you're home and savings when you're not.  Additional features include automatic energy savings adjustments and filter change alerts.  We carry NEST, EcoBee & HoneyWell smart thermostats and sensors and can install and integrate them into your smart home network.  Programmable Thermostats do not connect to Wi-Fi but still allow you to control your home's cooling while you are away through set schedules.  You will also save an additional 25% off equipment cost through the EnergyStar Rebate Program on eligible thermostats. 

Furnace, Gas Piping & Ductwork

Gas furnaces are the most cost effective and efficient way to heat your house.  Using natural gas and a heat exchanger most modern furnaces have efficiency of 95-98%.

 Gas piping transports the Natural Gas to your furnace and other gas appliances: BBQs, fireplaces, pool heaters and can be installed by our Certified Gas Technicians.  Ductwork brings your heated or cooled air to the various rooms in your house and returns air back to the furnace to be conditioned again.  Ductwork has to be carefully planned and installed otherwise it results in poor airflow to distant rooms in your house.

Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps & Ductless

Air Conditioners use refrigerant inside a evaporating coil that sits above your furnace connected to a condensing coil outside to provide cooling to the air in your home.  Heat pumps are similar to air conditioners but can reverse the flow of refrigerant and provide heat and work well in tandem with other heating systems such as radiators.  Ductless units are air conditioners that are wall mounted  and can provide cooling to an area of the house without requiring ductwork.  Some models are also heat pumps and can provide supplementary heating during winter.

Hot Water Tanks & Tankless Heaters

Hot water tanks use natural gas to heat and then store hot water in a large insulated tank.  They are affordable and durable but can run out of hot water if being used by multiple people within a household.  Tankless water heaters heat water on demand and provide an endless flow of hot water.  They are also smaller and provide a space savings in smaller homes.  Electric Water Tanks are an option for areas that cannot vent flue gases or have limited usage demands. 

Humidifiers & Dehumifiers

Proper humidity levels are key for good home health and comfort and seasonal fluctuations in humidity can have a negative effect on the environment in your home.  

Humidifiers add moisture directly to the air in your house ensuring that you are comfortable during the dry winter months.  Dehumidifiers act to pull excess moisture out of the air and can ensure that basements and other areas prone to dampness are kept dry and prevent mold and airborne spores from growing. 

Radiant In-Floor Heating

Radiant in-floor heating uses a tankless heater or boiler and a system of tubes under the floor to warm tile or laminate flooring and provide a comfortable and luxurious surface to walk on.  This effect is especially enjoyable in basements where cold tile floors are typically unavoidable and in bathrooms after a warm bath or shower. Radiant heating can also be installed in exterior walkways and driveways providing a shovel-free experience all winter as they do not allow any snow or ice to accumulate.  Most modern gas boilers are very efficient leading to reasonable operating costs.

HRVs, HEPA & UV Light Filtration

HRVs or Heat Recovery Ventilation is a system that connects to your furnace and vents out stale warm air and uses it to heat fresh cool air drawn from outside.  The end result is a house that always smells fresh without having to open a window during hot or cold days.  HEPA filtration is the gold standard for air filtration and is will filter out particles 0.3 microns wide.  This will filter out 99% of bacteria, viruses and allergens making sure that illnesses do not spread during cold seasons.  UV Light when coupled with the passive filtration ensures that any remaining bacteria or viruses are eradicated as the Ultraviolet light disrupts their unshielded DNA and renders them inert.

Rooftop & Make-Up Air Units

Rooftop Units provide commercial scale heating and cooling in one package.  Combining a natural gas furnace and the latest in air conditioning technology we can ensure that your business is always a comfortable place for your customers and staff.  Our team has experience in servicing and maintaining all major brands and can we can replace outdated units in a single day to minimize any disruption to your business.  Make-Up Air units are similar to Rooftop units however they are for restaurants or factories that have large scale exhaust needs and they literally "make-up" the conditioned air that is lost through this venting.  They also include heating and cooling options to ensure that your building stays comfortable and properly pressurized. 


What Our Customers Are Saying

Giancarlo was able to fix my furnace the same day that I called.  It was making a lot of noise and he knew what was wrong and explained it to me.  He checked with the manufacturer and the part was still covered by warranty.

 - Maria, Toronto

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